We realise that having building work carried out can be a daunting and stressful experience. Our aim is to reinvent the image of the builder by being fairer, more professional and above all delivering quality and service. Our fresh approach takes the guesswork out of choosing your builder, so you can be confident that your project is built to the highest standards, on time and on budget.

Budget Quotation:

This quotation could be based on planning drawings that may show little detail, but with enough information for us to get a good budget cost compiled. This would include a number of Provisional Sums for items that have limited detail, but our experience tells us that you may require.

If you have no drawings we would be happy to assist you in designing your home improvements.

Our Budget Quotation will give you a good indication of your project costs, and depending on how this compares to your budget we can alter things to suit.

Fixed Cost Quotation:

Once we have produced your ‘Budget Quotation’ or received a detailed ‘Scope of Works’ from your architect, we can proceed with your Fixed Cost Quotation. The quotation would consist of a fully itemised breakdown, enabling you to see at a glance what individual areas would cost. This would eliminate any risk to you of escalating expenditure, giving you peace of mind upon completion.

Once the quotation has been accepted and work commenced, only then would any aLterations/additions to the project incur additional charges.


At Anstey Building & Interiors we realise that many people have had bad experiences with builders.

We aim to redress the balance.

We will provide you with a comprehensive programme showing when the various elements of the ‘build’ will start and finish. Only if the ‘build’ is altered or the weather works against us, would we ask for an extension.

Our Guarantee

In keeping with our ‘no nonsense ’ policy, at Anstey Building & Interiors we pride ourselves on our effective quality control and fair honest prices.

Your project would be allocated a site foreman from the outset, with regular site visits from a dedicated project manager ensuring quality craftsmanship and service.