Cliff Top Summer House 2

For our second Summer House, we were to design/build it slightly larger than the previous one.

It was again constructed using Cedral Weatherboarding, Alwitra roofing and an Oak floor.

The initial position was under review until an inspection by the council could decide its final resting place. This could have caused considerable delays. A decision was made to construct this summerhouse on the standard concrete foundation, but on rollers should the house need to be moved to another position. Finally the notification from the council was received and the Summerhouse permanently fixed in position.

The finished Summer House compliments the garden, whilst maximising the spectacular views across the bay.

Since completing the Summer House we have returned to install a new 'all glass' balustrade on the edge of the cliff. The glass is supported in a metal track, which is bolted to a concrete foundation, giving uninterrupted views from the house and garden.