Shell Only Service

Our shell-only option may be the answer to building your dream home on a tight budget.

We realise that at a time when budgets are getting tighter, it is important that we spend our money in the right places. We believe that the most sustainable way to make your money work for you is to invest in the solid structure of your home.

Our shell only service will get your project to the stage where the structure is complete externally. You can save money by finishing the work yourself, either literally with your own hands or by taking on local tradesmen / utilising friends and family to complete the works.

The basis of a shell-only service is:

This leaves you with a water-tight box ready to receive your choice of finishes by your preferred tradesmen and in a timeframe to suit your budget.

Our reputation is based on 25 years experience in the construction industry so we have a great deal of knowledge and experience that we are happy to pass on.

In addition to the shell only service we have a data-base of preferred subcontractors should you need them that we would be happy to pass-on covering all trades.